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Covered Bridge Festival, October 13th - 22nd

Parke County is home to 31 Covered Bridges

This countywide festival, Indiana's largest festival, always starts on the 2nd Friday in October

Find details and information on Covered Bridge Festival

Surrounding Towns 

Town Rockville  Bridgeton  Mansfield Village

Montezuma  Rosedale


04/29/2017 to 04/30/2017

04/29/2017 to 04/30/2017

06/03/2017 to 06/04/2017

06/10/2017 to 06/11/2017

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Local News

Changes Regarding Obtaining a Handgun License

The Parke County Sheriff's Office is sorry to announce that we are no longer allowed to provide free fingerprinting services for our citizens to obtain a handgun license. We had been providing this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As of this year, the Indiana State Police are no longer accepting manually inked fingerprint cards or fingerprints via mail and you are now required to pay for these services through a designated electronic fingerprint site in another county. We apologize and have no control over this issue. Please refer to www.in.gov/isp or the Indiana State Police-Firearms Section for any questions.

Source: The Parke County Sheriff's Web Site